1st Henfield Guides – Remembrance Day Service

We welcomed our friends from the 1st Henfield Guides this week as they provided our residents with a beautiful Remembrance day service.

It was a full conservatory that marked this poignant time.

The Guides stayed and chatted with the residents – they even sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to a resident who was celebrating their birthday the next day!

Thank you as always to the Guides and their Leaders for taking the time to mark this very important time.

Lynda Lyne

Today, Lynda came to entertain us. Unfortunately, with a poorly throat and barely any voice, Lynda had to stick to just the piano concert today with no singing but it was beautiful! We sang along ourselves to some popular musical classics including hits from My Fair Lady, The Phantom of the Opera and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang to name a few! Sally-Ann and one of our residents enjoyed a puzzle whilst listening to the music and managed to finish it in record time! A lovely autumnal morning to keep warm inside with the sun bursting through the windows, lovely!

Rabbit Hole Club!

What a wonderful evening we had last night! Lots of new faces to welcome as we had some first time relatives visiting! One of our trained nurses attended for the first time after being here for 3 years which was lovely!

As Lots of smiles and happiness all around.

A huge thank you to Preeda and Steve for the most amazing food – as always! Of course to the wonderful team as well who look after our guests so well.

Cricket in November? – Howzat?

We welcomed a new form of activity to Valerie Manor this week – table top cricket!

We created a cricket ground in the restaurant as Dave set up the wicket on three tables. The residents took turns in batting, bowling and cheering each other on ably assisted by Chelsea and Lucy.

As you can see from the photographs it was an extremely successful ‘match’ which everyone enjoyed.

Thank you to Dave and to all the wonderful staff who assisted.