Valerie Manor receives COVID-19 vaccine.

As you can imagine we have been very keen to ensure our residents and wonderful staff receive a vaccine as soon as possible.

We were contacted during the afternoon on Friday to say Dr Newsome & Dr Sherwell from The Glebe Surgery in Storrington would be providing the vaccine on Saturday for the whole home.

This was a huge relief and the management team sprang into action, contacting all staff and allocating them a time to come in.

The Pod was utilised to vaccinate all staff  and then the team went inside the Home to provide it to the residents.

We are pleased to say that everyone who wanted the vaccine received it 21 residents and 38 staff.

This now means that we all have an extra layer of protection – let’s hope the nationwide roll-out continues to go well – maybe this is the first step towards normality?

Our sincere thanks to all involved in the delivery of the vaccine program, which is an extremely large undertaking with particular thanks to Dr Newsome, Dr Sherwell and Harry for their time on Saturday Morning and the team of vaccinators at the Glebe Surgery Storrington.

Team Leaders

Our new position of Team leaders started at the beginning of the month and both Vikki and Lindsay have really made such a positive impact already especially during COVID, thank you to Debs and Lucy for developing this role, constantly exploring ways of improving and supporting staff with development within the home.

Congratulations Vikki and Lindsay from all at Valerie Manor!

Hi, so I am Vikki. I started my care journey at Valerie Manor 5 years ago. I had no care experience, but with support from colleagues and training, I have come so far.

Becoming a team leader, which has meant the world to me as I love my job.

We are lucky that with the amazing support we receive from management means that we will always give the best possible care to your loved ones. I am always available if you want a chat.

My name is Lindsay and I joined Valerie Manor in December 2019 as a Care Assistant and 

now I have been promoted to Team Leader. I have been working in the Care industry for 11 years, and during those years completed NVQ qualifications. I like to keep a positive attitude, and I like everything I do to be organised, I get on with well with all kinds of people.

I enjoy working at Valerie Manor.

Flu Jabs

We were extremely grateful to both Steyning Medical Practice and Upper Beeding Pharmacy for ensuring residents and staff received their Flu jabs last week.

We have always encouraged people to have one but with the flu season nearly upon us, it is more important then ever with COVID-19

A special thank you to Dr Jain and Mike Slator for giving the jabs.

As you can see Mike created a ‘pop-up’ flu jab station in the garden to ensure he could maintain strict distancing and infection control measures. It was decided to provide the jabs at Valerie Manor rather than in the pharmacy as this reduced the risk to staff.

Life at Valerie Manor During COVID-19

Firstly, I hope all our friends and neighbours in the local community are keeping safe and well. It has been wonderful to see how everyone has pulled together during this time and I am so proud to be part of the local Community.

Life at Valerie Manor has been somewhat of a challenge, but I am pleased to say that throughout we have remained COVID free which is down to the award-winning team that we have.

I would like to take you on a journey to show that some care homes are ones to be proud of and do everything in their power to keep not only the residents safe but the staff and their families too.

From working as a teenager in a nursing home to qualifying as a nurse in 1996 and working my way up through the NHS as a staff nurse, ward sister, matron then General Manager to living my dream and purchasing Valerie Manor in 2008 I have never seen such challenging times for so many, especially in health and social care.

At the beginning of March, we started our COVID action plan when many care homes were still carrying on as normal. We embraced residents, relatives and staff on our journey in the decision making process as very often we didn’t have the answers due to this being such an unprecedented situation however every decision made was considered, reduced the risk as much as possible and I believe has played a huge part in keeping everyone safe.

We have tried to be one step ahead and plan for the ‘worst case’ scenario to be prepared for what may come. We started to purchase PPE prior to it becoming mandatory and overrecruited in case we had staff who became unwell or were unable to care for our residents due to their own health.

In doing this we also helped some local companies and individuals to provide them with employment. This is my Theatre and Sussex Yacht Club – without these two local companies we may have been in a very different position, the staff became our friends and were much loved by the residents and everyone within the Valerie Manor family. Two staff from SYC have chosen to remain as permanent staff with us and Simon and Ethan have already returned to perform for our residents.

Every step we have actioned recommendations both Nationally and Locally and been some of the first homes to have whole home testing and for some time now weekly testing of all staff and monthly testing of all residents.

Staff have been going at 100% throughout in difficult circumstances but have supported each other as well as the residents. We have regular Zoom meetings with staff and relatives to keep in touch and everyone is involved in writing our policies to make them suitable for everyone in our care.

We now have a ‘wellbeing coordinator’ and a very different way or working which has required us to utilise the individual skills that our staff have.

I must say a special mention to Debs and Lucy who became the Registered Manager and Deputy in January this year…………..I could not have asked for better managers to lead the team.

Imagine taken prior to COVID-19 restrictions.
Debs & Lucy undertaking the testing process.

There is so much to say and celebrate, we have had our work shared by the CQC, Care England and WSCC for our innovation – I won’t say we haven’t had challenges, tears and exhaustion but we have provided support to everyone both physically, emotionally and financially throughout through counselling and access to a staff BUPA Healthline through our Company.

I believe the team have shown and proved why they are ‘Outstanding’ and why they win so many awards.

I want to say a special thank you to all the staff at Valerie Manor and indeed all those working in Social Care who have worked tirelessly to keep everyone safe.

Also, a thank you to our wonderful GP’s at Steyning Medical Practice, Mike, Lindsay and the team at Upper Beeding Pharmacy and the local community for their continued support to us here at Valerie Manor.

Below is some feedback that was sent directly to the CQC from a relative:

Wishing you all remain safe and healthy

‘Valerie Manor is an exceptionally well-run care home. During the pandemic, its staff and management have operated with a high level of professionalism and care for the residents. Great care has been taken to meet the residents’ psychological needs in this crisis, as well as taking every possible step to protect them from infection. This has been a great reassurance in a time of national crisis. Zoe Fry has been nothing short of remarkable in this situation. She has been diligent in keeping relatives up to date with their relative’s welfare and the ever changing PHE guidance. We are very grateful to everyone there.’