Jalopy Outings!


In-between the rain that we have had we have managed to get out and about with Lee and staff – as you can see, lots of smiles all round!

Sunny Jalopy Outing!

On Monday 8th July, Lee and Bernadette took 5 residents out in the jalopy. One of the gentlemen said he’d like to go ‘East’ so that’s what they did!

The journey took them along the coast to Seaford via Brighton and Hove and returning over Devils Dyke through Poynings. Lovely!

Jalopy Outing!

We are very much enjoying our regular outings in the jalopy! The requests for locations are flooding in now as well!

Jalopy Outing!


What a beautiful day for a ride out in the jalopy! Today we headed over to Poynings and on route saw that the hand gliders were taking off from Devils Dyke.

We decided to go up to the top of the Dyke to watch them set off – there were so many, it was quite a sight!

We drove down to Rottingdean and along the seafront, seeing along the way the new ‘upside down house’ along the A259 in Brighton.

A lovely sunshiny day!