Asymptomatic Blanket Testing.

As you are no doubt already aware the Government announced that everyone in a care home (residents & staff) would be provided with a test.

These tests have now arrived (after a bit of a hiccup) and our Super Testing Team – Debs & Lucy have sprung into action!

The tests need to be taken over a three day period and this started yesterday morning – Debs & Lucy were in at 06:00am and continued to undertake an astonishing amount of tests by the time the courier collected the tests at 16:00. They managed to get half of the people tested in one day! – so we are well on schedule thanks to all their efforts.

The process isn’t just about conducting the test, each test has to be recorded on paper and then registered online but Debs & Lucy worked out the process and all has gone to plan.

Please join me in thanking Debs& Lucy for all their efforts – not only on this testing process but for the tireless work they have done from the outset.

Finally thank you to all the staff as well – it is due to their professionalism and compassion that we remain free of symptoms at this time.



One of our relatives sent this video to us, which they featured in and it made Zoe & I so happy I asked if we could share it here on our blog.

Sussex Yacht Club – Donation.


Please see below message from Sussex Yacht Club – we can’t thank them enough for their support during this difficult time.




“Responding to a county wide request for sanitary wear and cleaning materials, Sussex Yacht Club contacted Zoe at Valerie Manor to see if the club might be able to help given they are currently closed down due to Covid-19 and some club staff have already joined the team at Valerie Manor until the club is able to reopen.

Zoe and Alan, both Members and Directors of Sussex Yacht Club have accepted the kind offer of surplus cleaning materials and have also agreed to co-ordinate and pass supplies to their local care industry colleagues who may be worse off than themselves.

Zoe, knowing that, although Valerie Manor does not have Covid-19 infection, other care homes are not so fortunate at this stage and the Club will put out a further appeal to its membership asking for donations of masks, gloves and other protective apparel that may be donated in the battle against this disease”.

New faces….

Valerie Manor has welcomed several new members to the team in the past week or so.

During this extremely challenging time that we all now find ourselves in, we are absolutely delighted to  be able to offer work to those whose employment has ended because of COVID-19 and whilst it may be a temporary job until they are able to return to their own job –  we are so very grateful to them for assisting our amazing team to continue to provide the highest possible care to our wonderful residents.

Over the coming days I will introduce them to you on this blog.

Please join me in thanking ALL our staff for their dedication and flexibility in this challenging period.

If you wanted to send a message to our staff please use and we will share them with everyone, it makes such a difference to know everyone is thinking of them.