Simon -Hospitality Assistant.

Simon has joined the team as a Hospitality Assistant.

“My name is Simon – lovely to met you all! Thanks to everyone I have met so far for being so welcoming.

I’m normally the Musical Director of a theatre company but have had all sorts of jobs over the years and am grateful to now have this one! 

I’m looking forward to working with everyone!”

Simon is far to modest to say that he is also an extremely talented musician and has offered to play for our residents whilst working for us. He is very keen to play his flute and it has been suggested that he may walk around the building playing as he goes.

Please join me in welcoming Simon (and Flute) to Valerie Manor.

New faces….

Valerie Manor has welcomed several new members to the team in the past week or so.

During this extremely challenging time that we all now find ourselves in, we are absolutely delighted to  be able to offer work to those whose employment has ended because of COVID-19 and whilst it may be a temporary job until they are able to return to their own job –  we are so very grateful to them for assisting our amazing team to continue to provide the highest possible care to our wonderful residents.

Over the coming days I will introduce them to you on this blog.

Please join me in thanking ALL our staff for their dedication and flexibility in this challenging period.

If you wanted to send a message to our staff please use and we will share them with everyone, it makes such a difference to know everyone is thinking of them.

A touch of Spring…

Karon, our ancillary manager, saw the beautiful array of daffodils in the Valerie Manor garden this morning and whilst they are hidden away from public view due to our current lock down situation, we thought we’d bring a touch of Spring indoors!