Valerie Manor Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

Well, what a fun packed special four days we had to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee at Valerie Manor. Of course some of the four days were spent watching the special events on the TV but we also managed to enjoy a fantastic Quiz developed by Horsham Museum for the residents, a Jubilee word search and enjoyed listening to some wonderful Jubilee music.

On Tuesday our chef Chris provided the residents with a very special lunch accompanied by Jubilee crackers, confetti, flags and Jubilee chocolates!

We did not let the rain spoil the day and managed to entertain 100 guests during the afternoon at our special Jubilee High Tea party with a wonderful menu once again created by Chris, plus face painting courtesy of ‘True Colours’ (a very kind relative), and bubbly of course, to raise a toast to the Queen. A very big thank you also to our hospitality assistant, Martyn, who helped out enormously throughout the day.

Not only did Chris arrange all of the catering he made a very special Crown Cake which was raffled off in aid of our local Hospice which we are fundraising for all year. We managed to raise £89 as well as enjoying a very special day.

I felt extremely privileged to be able to spend such a special occasion with the residents and friends and families of Valerie Manor.

Staff Bowling Night

At a recent team meeting it was mentioned that it would be nice to arrange a night out for all the team as a team building exercise, and so last week those that could make it went along to the Worthing Ten Pin Bowling centre for an excellent night showing everyone else how it should be done!

We also invited our local pharmacist along with his wife, because he goes the ‘extra mile’ for us – he really is part of the team.

As you will see by the photo a good time was had by all, and rumours abound about the next event being a Paint-ball outing – ouch!

May 2012 Activities Summary

Ah the Darling Buds of May…
The rain has made the flowers bloom beautifully… the tulips were a special delight to some residents… ’standing tall like soldiers’ was one ladies comment. All of a sudden the grass grew very quickly but our lawn mowing team soon quickly jumped into action and a green ‘carpet’ was there for all to see. The rabbits seem to be very happy with their babies hopping around. I haven’t seen the fox for a while.

Busy as ever but the month was also taken up by discussions regarding the Queen’s Jubilee where everyone was invited to suggest how we would celebrate this wonderful occasion. Our ladies and gentlemen really enjoyed being a big part of the organisation.

We had two themed days this month. Cinco de Mayo (Mexican Independence Day) decorations and Mexican music was enjoyed. We then celebrated John Wayne’s birthday with decorations and watching one of his films. VE Day was remembered by singing along to a Dame Vera Lynn CD. This brought back many memories.

Matched Sets and Affinities, Opposites and Requests and Expletives Deleted were among our Mind Benders.

Tin Can Alley, Hoopla and Darts got us moving as well as a very welcome visit from Nick who set up the Skittles game for us. My Exercise Sessions still go ahead on Monday mornings followed by a Reminiscence discussion. This month we were very lucky to have a lovely lady join us to run a Zumba from your chair session…a fun time was had by all of those who participated. This is hopefully going to be a regular monthly Activity.

Lucy was presented with the blanket for her forthcoming new addition that our ladies knitted for her.

Reminiscence wise we had a few chats about the war. One lady was evacuated to Kent with 90 other children, some residents remember being sheltered in the London Underground Stations all night, blackout curtains were mentioned. One gentleman remembered his father’s Kit Bag being hung over the banisters ready for him to depart. We had members of the Women’s Auxiliary Force and The Local Defence Force. I was surprised that Ration Books were remembered quite fondly… families being quite proud of coping with what was on offer !

See you next time

Fund Raising Update!

Recently we told you about the year of fund raising events that we have begun for St Barnabas House. Care assistants Collette and Sarah have been doing a great job so far raising money and getting ready for the first event, the Night to Remember half marathon midnight walk along Worthing seafront on Saturday 16th June 2012.

They’ve already raised over £100.00 and are continuing to keep up the good work – you can help them raise even more money for this worthy charity by clicking on the ‘donate’ button on the left.

Here are a few words from the girls below…

I am so happy to be taking part in this year’s midnight walk to raise money for St Barnabas. I am really enjoying my training which is consisting of long walks along Worthing Seafront. Walking from Lancing to Worthing in this hot weather has been lovely, both myself and Collette have been raising money and are so grateful for the response so far. Once again I can’t wait to take part in the walk and help raise money for such a good cause” –Sarah

I’m really looking forward to the 13.1 mile walk that Sarah and I will be doing in aid of St Baranabas. I have started training and think for me – I’m doing well! I have realised I may need to get some ‘Shape Up‘ trainers and make the most of it, if I’m going to walk that far!” –Collette

If you’d like to support us and help raise money for St Barnabas House, please visit our JustGiving online donation page. You can also text your donation using the information below.

Thank you so much for your support!

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