Clever Cavaliers

We were very lucky to be able to welcome the Clever Cavaliers to Valerie Manor this week. The Dog display team is run by Dee and her friends who put on quite a performance for everyone!

Before the show started the dogs and handlers mingled with residents, family members and staff to let the dogs get comfortable in the new surroundings. It was then on with the show, which included playing instruments, answering telephones, playing football & flyball, boxing and many other very clever activities.

The residents really enjoyed the morning and we hope to invite them back again soon, however they are so popular that they are booked up until the end of 2014!!!

Our thanks to Dee and her Team and not forgetting all of the performing artists.

Food Hygiene Rating

At the end of last month we received an unannounced visit from a food safety officer from Horsham Council. This was our first proper inspection since our ‘risk’ category had increased (due to the increase in residential numbers and the care group being a high risk category). I am delighted to say that we once again received the highest rating possible (5) and are now proud to display our new food rating certificate once more for all to see.

When employing Chris, who is a qualified chef he took over all the implementation of checks, monitoring systems and management controls for the kitchen and surrounding areas so I was very nervous as many of you may know I like to be in control! Of course – Chris has done a fantastic job along with the support of Steve and Martyn and I would like to thank them for their dedication, hard work and high standards to ensure the residents needs are catered for in a safe environment.

You can view our rating on the Food Standards Agency website here.

> Find out more about food hygiene ratings

Healthier Workplace

As you can imagine we value our wonderful staff greatly and were pleased to offer a free NHS health check provided in conjunction with Horsham council. The idea being to take a look at general health and to offer an opportunity to ask questions etc about ways to improve it.

I am pictured here with the nurses who undertook the checks – having just finished mine!

As mentioned the above initiative is being supported by Horsham Council and similar opportunities are being proposed in the future.

Valentine’s Day Cakes

Several of our residents love to decorate cakes, not only due to the practical and creative side of cake decoration but the fact that it always brings back lots of memories for them. Our staff always enjoy the tales they have to tell too. So we thought an ideal day for this would be Valentine’s Day, and as you can see the activity was thoroughly enjoyed.

During the afternoon I was asked to go down to the conservatory where one resident presented me with a beautiful fairy cake that had the writing ‘I love Valerie Manor’ on it. How lovely, I didn’t want to eat it as it was such a special cake and so much thought had gone into it. For those who didn’t want to join in, the other residents decorated cakes for them to enjoy as well so no-one was left out (including office manager Alan below!).