Amy……..Remembering the Musicals…..

Another one of our popular entertainers……….I love to see the care staff enjoying the performances with the residents as well………

Flower arranging…….

I received so many lovely flowers to celebrate my 11-years at Valerie Manor we turned this into an activity for the residents and Joyce set to work creating lovely displays for around the home with the residents. I was chuffed when they asked me to come down to have my arrangement presented to brighten up my office – that a lovely activity from such a special day.

January Activities Summary

Brrrrrrr!!! Hope you are all keeping nice and warm.

January has seemed to have come and gone in the blink of an eye!

Busy as usual at the Manor…our lovely Residents have enjoyed Flower Arranging with Joyce and Sam as well as many varied visits and entertainment.

We have enjoyed a couple of ‘Mind Benders’ sessions after our exercising from our chairs…..Triads being one of them with our ladies and gentlemen calling out the answers of the third word….e.g. Animal, Vegetable and …….Mineral.   Butcher, Baker and…….Candlestick-maker.   Snap, Crackle and……Pop.  There was only one that none of us had heard before….Winken, Blinken and……Nod.

There were 21 examples and 20 were answered correctly!

We also had….Name a Song Sung by different singers.  Again we had 20 artistes on our list including….The Batchelors, Max Bygraves, The Andrews Sisters and Judy Garland to name just a few.  We had correct answers for every one!

We could not let ‘Special Christmas Gifts’ and memories from years gone by at Christmas be left out of our Reminiscence Session so here we go….A red ball, Spinning top, Skipping Rope with wooden handles with ball bearings in….a baby doll…..Christmas Stockings and Pillow Cases… apple, orange and new Penny…..a Teddy which over the years lost most of its fur.

We also remembered silver coins put into Christmas Puddings…..not now…Health and Safety!!!

One gentleman remembered gathering around a piano having a sing-song…his father Tommy having had Pints of Beer lined up on the top!  Hope none were spilt!

We enjoyed a wonderful celebration ‘Rabbit Hole Club’ for Zoe’s 11th year at Valerie Manor…see separate photos and write-up.

Wonderful food prepared by Preeda and Steve not forgetting the Cake made also by Preeda.  Lovely staff looking after everyone both Residents and Visitors on the evening.   Many ‘old’ faces joining us on this special occasion too!  Wonderful to see so many of you Celebrating with us…thank you.

A huge Congratulations Zoe from Mum and Dad…..not forgetting the never ending support, hard work and care from dear Alan and her wonderful staff.

Celebrating 11 years at Valerie Manor!


I cant believe it has been 11 years but was delighted to be able to celebrate this week with residents, families, staff and friends of Valerie Manor. What a special evening we had, enjoying a special buffet prepared by Preeda and Steve and the most wonderful cake presented during the evening. I was thoroughly spoilt with so many cards, balloons and flowers! What a very lucky lady to have such wonderful residents and families cared for by very special staff.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my parents (Robin and John) as without their backing all those years ago and support since taking over Valerie Manor and now Alan, my wonderful husband at my side – without them all I wouldn’t be able to be living the dream of owning a nursing home and making a difference to the lives of some of our older generation.