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Activities & Sunshine!

Over the last week it seems like it has rained all the time but just to prove it hasn’t we thought it would be nice to share some photographs taken recently.

We are extremely lucky to have a resident who loves flower arranging and keeps the displays looking beautiful all week.

May News Round #7

Famous poetry: Fill in the blank

How do I love thee? Let me ______ the ways

a) count

b) consider

c) contemplate

Name the British food

This week in history

  • 25th May 1961 – Coventry cathedral is consecrated, replacing the 14th century cathedral that was destroyed by German bombing in World War II
  • 26th May 1950 – Queues of UK drivers tear their ration books into confetti at the announcement of the end of petrol rationing

Previous Answers

  • Poetry quiz – b) forgive
  • British Foods – Eccles cake

Tapas night! ¡Olé!

The residents ‘Food committee’ requested a Tapas night recently and the whole team pulled out all of the stops!

The catering team sourced the food (and Sangria!) for what was a lovely evening.

For those that have visited the Home prior to COVID – you will know that these special events were regular occurrences. The residents and staff really enjoyed the evening and we all look forward to the time our residents can invite guests along.

In the meantime a huge thank you to the Food committee for the idea and to everyone who made it happen.

May News Round #6

Famous poetry: Fill in the blank

To err is human; to ______, divine

a) forget

b) forgive

c) succeed

Name the British food

This week in history

  • 23rd May 1931 – The official opening of Whipsnade Zoo takes place
  • 24th May 2003 – Britain’s entry into the Eurovision Song Contest fails to score a single point

Previous Answers

  • Poetry quiz – b) bang
  • British Foods – Cumberland sausage