Staff Meeting

Last week we held our regular staff meeting which as always was very well attended!

Preeda and Steve worked their magic in the kitchen to provide a wonderful buffet which was enjoyed by everyone.

We use these meetings to update our colleagues on all aspects of the Home and gives everyone the opportunity to discuss ideas etc in a group.

We also share any feedback we have had from our residents and their families – which I am pleased to say was very positive.

Equality & Diversity is now very much in the news and we have introduced this to our mandatory training this year. To support diversity we have given all staff present a multicoloured lanyard which are very eye catching.

Being in such a rewarding industry we always try to recognise our colleagues and we recently heard of a new initiative to celebrate those that work in Care. The Care badge – again we gave all staff present a badge which I’m sure will be worn with pride! You can find out more about this new incentive by following the link below:


Zoe & I would like to thank everyone who attended -especially Preeda & Steve for their wonderful buffet.

August Activities Summary……

September already….where does the time go?

I think the worse thing is that it is getting darker earlier….I know our lovely ladies and gentlemen feel the same!

Everyone absolutely loved the visit from the animals…..some wonderful photos with a snake wrapped around a gentleman’s neck like a scarf!!!!…..not for me….a baby hedgehog to name a couple.

We had just three weeks of exercising from our chairs due to the Bank Holiday Monday.

We have enjoyed discussions on favourite holiday destinations…..Austria, Canada, New Zealand, Tenerife, Lanzarote and one resident having lived in Kenya for 3½ years, due to her husband’s job,  having remembered flying with East African Airways.

The reminiscences were prompted by a Quiz…’World Vacation Spots’  ….17 Questions some easy some not so….e g ‘what is the only human built structure that can be seen from the moon?’

(The Great Wall of China)…..’what City has a tall building that looks like it would fall down one day?….(Pisa, Italy).  The only question that nobody could answer was….’Charles Boyer said :Let me take you to the Casbah;….Where is it?….(Algiers!)   but I think 16 out of 17 is quite a good result.

I took along my Len Goodman’s Ballroom Bonanza cd…..Residents, Visitors and Staff were great at naming many various singers and musicians including…..Tom Jones, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, Alma Cogan (a real blast from the past!) Mantovani & His Orchestra as well as Tommy Dorsey!  Again proving what wonderful memories are awoken by music.

As promised we had a Greek Theme morning exercising with Greek Music….no throwing plates!…..Reuben and Eddie were with me and helped decorate with Greek Flags and Bunting.  They then helped serve nibbles of Feta Cheese and Olives followed by Greek Delights 

See you next time


Resident of the Day

We are always looking at ways to improve and so when a member of staff suggested introducing a ‘Resident of the day’ we set about putting it in place.

The resident of the day is asked to choose their favorite food for Breakfast, Lunch and Supper and also offered the opportunity to tell us all about themselves with a sherry before lunch.

On the day they will meet:

  • The Chef on duty to ensure we know the residents likes/dislikes and to  discuss any new ideas for menus.
  • one of our deputy managers (Debs or Brenda).
  • one of our Care supervisor (Emma, Lucy or Sheri).
  • our local Pharmacist Mike Slator will attend with our Deputy manager to review medication and to answer any questions relating to it.
  • one of the housekeeping team to ensure they are happy with how their room is cleaned as well as their laundry.
  • Zoe & myself. 

The idea being that this gives our residents an opportunity to discuss ideas and to ask questions about the care they receive, which may also assist other residents while feeling special for the day.

Lottie was asked if she would like to be our first resident of the day and we didn’t have to wait long for her decision!

Carrie spent time with her planning her day and agreed with Preeda the menu Lottie had selected.

Breakfast: Scramble egg, tomatoes and crispy bacon.

Lunch: Cold meat salad.

Supper: Caviar, Crackers and salad.

Lottie spoke to her family who arranged to bring in some clothes she had made in the past and she explained to everyone in the conservatory who she made them for and what the materials were. Lottie told us about what she had done in the past, countries she had visited, jobs she had had and everyone had a very enjoyable time. Lottie’s son also shared the occasion with us.

Lottie is a keen card player and offered to teach any other residents a few games and so an evening game was arranged.

As you can see Lottie had a lovely day especially the caviar and not forgetting the prosecco!

Thank you to Lottie for sharing her memories with us and also to everyone who made her day so special, she has asked to choose the next resident of the day and has said that we should do it more often!