March 2012 Activities Summary

It’s Official….Spring has arrived !

We have been very lucky having quite a few very sunny days where our Ladies and Gentlemen have enjoyed our lovely outside space at Valerie Manor. I know we desperately need rain but it has given everyone a real boost being able to get a bit of sunshine. However, at the time of writing I’ve just heard the forecast for colder weather……even snow !! Zoe was born in March and it was snowing then.

Busy, busy, busy as ever ! We celebrated St.David’s Day and St.Patrick’s Day with decorations, Quiz’s on Wales and Ireland as well as enjoying the lovely Riverdance Video. Greek Independence Day included Greek music as well as a Greek Dance Video.

Our Mind Benders included Prepositions, Chicken or Egg, Four Word Phrases as well as mentioned before the Themed Day Quizes.

We had ‘Sports at Valerie Manor’ to celebrate Sports Relief and Nick visited to run the skittles and we played an outside game where some Great Grandchildren of one of our ladies were delighted to join in. We just love the different generations coming together.

Our weekly Exercise from your chair sessions are great fun including slightly quicker movement with sing-a-long. Ending with our Reminiscence chat. One week we talked about our favourite holidays as a child. We had several memories of Hastings, Worthing and Brighton, Seascate in Cumberland, Bognor, one lady remembers playing in a field with very long grass in Palmers Green, another stayed with her grandparents in Deal in Kent remembering a pebble beach with a very steep drop into the sea. Another memory was of Hayling Island and a farm in Warminghurst near Pulborough. We all enjoyed the story from one lady going to a Pot Market in Lancashire which was an annual event. She remembers wearing a Panama Hat with fresh daisies on and a donkey eating her flowers from the hat! The great thing about these sessions is that the lovely staff walk through during them….Zoe runs !!….and add their own stories. One young lad told us he used to go to a Boarding School in Ventnor on the Isle of Wight. This adds to the interaction between the staff and residents which is great.

Everyone is very excited about the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebrations. Again everyone is getting involved with ideas during Zoe and Alan’s monthly meetings with the Residents.

We now have a Video and DVD library and Sue is organising viewings that are requested by individuals. Thank you Sue.

Have a lovely Easter


We had another visit from Nick Peniston-Bird this week who once again brought his Skittles Alley along. Since the weather was fine, all competitors donned sun hats and enjoyed the event outside, cheering each other on. Alan was encouraged to have a go, however it proved not to be one of his finest moments! We also enjoyed the company of some relatives and some had a quick go at the end. Is Skittles an Olympic event???

Here Comes Summer!!??


We have all been enjoying the sunny weather recently with lots of choc ices and ice lollies enjoyed in the garden. Let’s hope it is a sign of things to come!


We took some residents out for a trip in the Jalopy this week down to Wide Water Lagoon where ice creams where enjoyed whilst watching the various birds in the Lagoon and the light aircraft passing overhead from Shoreham Airport.