Welcome to Jazz Singer Jax!

This morning we have a wonderful new singer visit us at Valerie Manor. Residents and staff were treated to classic Jazz anthems along with a few modern classics including songs by The Beatles and Tom Jones!

Staff had a boogie and all toes were tapping on this gloriously beautiful day. What fun! We will definitely be inviting Jax back to sing for us again!


Care Home Awards 2019

As you will be aware we were all very excited and proud to have been nominated and selected as finalist in this years awards.

A group of 20 staff made their way to the ExCel in London for the Award ceremony, where Alan Dedicoat (the voice of the Balls) announced the winners.

Best for Communication Award –  Whilst we didn’t win this category the judges did award us a ‘High Commendation’

Best Individual Care Home   –  We were all very nervous as the finalist we announced but when Alan Dedicoat started by saying “The winner this year also won in 2017 and were runner’s-up in 2018, a family run Home…..”  the excitement increased – It was so lovely for the whole team to receive this award again and celebrate the wonderful environment Valerie Manor is not only for our residents but also the staff and visitors.

We have received so many lovely message from families and friends following the award, thank you so much.

Lynda Lyne Concert

Lynda Lyne – Piano and Voice

1) Fur Elise – Beethoven (Piano Solo)

2) ABBA Selection!

3) Ragtime Medley by S. Joplin (Piano Solo)

4) Greensleeves  

5/6) Don’t Cry for Me Argentina/All I ask of you – ALW

7-9) All the Nice Girls, My Old Man, Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner

10) Ballade Pour Adeline

11) Chanson de Matin – Elgar (Piano Solo)

12/13) Disney Song Selection

14) Debussy’s Arabesque No.1 (Piano Solo)  

15/16) Where is Love and Oom Pah Pah

17/18) Cockles and Mussels / You are my Sunshine