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April 2012 Activities Summary

Hello, well I think the ‘April Showers’ bit has gone a bit far don’t you !
Mind you I’ve never seen so many beautiful rainbows as during the last few weeks.

We celebrated three Themed Days during April. Firstly a lovey DVD was enjoyed of Elizabeth our Queen on 21st ….there was also a Quiz on the Royal Family and to top everything a lovely cream tea was enjoyed by everyone to celebrate Her Majesty’s birthday. One lady loved the Union Flag serviettes used at tea time so much that she kept hers unused to keep in her room to put an ornament on !

The next celebration was on 23rd when we donned Hats, Wigs and Boppers and waved flags to celebrate St. George’s Day. This was followed by a St. George’s Day Quiz by those present. We all learn new information when we have these Quizes. We were astounded to learn that St. George actually never visited Great Britain ! We proudly hung our St. George Cross Bunting around the conservatory. On 28th we celebrated another great feat of when Cook reached Australia….another Quiz and decorations.

We enjoyed decorating Easter Bonnets and a Cheese and Wine Tasting over the Easter weekend. The lovely Marmalade came for her usual visits and some Residents enjoyed the Reflexology Session with Cath. Joyce has been busy helping everyone finish the Blanket that has been knitted for Lucy’s forthcoming new arrival. It will be presented next month.

Throwing Rings, Giant Dice and Target Bean Bag along with our usual Exercise Sessions kept us moving.

A very special time was enjoyed when we had a visit from John Paul Miller who entertained us with Country and Western and Old Time Music on his guitar.

That’s all for now…look out for that sunshine !


Welcome Emerald

When Britons Croft offered us a budgie, little did we know how it would become such a big part of the daily routine. You may have read that the residents decided to call her Valerie Bluebell, but they also thought she could do with a bit of company.

It was with this in mind Andrew and I accompanied two residents to a local garden centre, who had another budgie for sale. We made straight for the pet’s department and were told that they had only one female left, a lovely Yellow/Green bird, which we promptly purchased and brought back to Valerie Manor as soon as we could.

The new companion for Valerie Bluebell, was eagerly anticipated as residents and staff gathered to welcome the new arrival.

I am very pleased to say that Valerie Bluebell and her new friend Emerald are getting along famously – most of the time!

Valerie Bluebell has also made a name for herself recently by featuring in the local press.

When It’s Spring Again…

Our gardener Clare has certainly done us proud with her planting at Valerie Manor – to compliment the daffodils that have recently sprouted throughout the grounds, we’ve now a beautiful display of tulips in deep reds and yellows as you enter the home. She has certainly achieved her goal of creating a beautiful garden full of colour. Thanks Clare!

John Paul Miller

John Paul Miller recently made his first visit to Valerie Manor to sing a variety of songs and play his guitar. This type of activity is a firm favourite of the residents (and staff) and is something that stimulates a lot of conversation afterwards.

John Paul started his set with a beautiful version of a song I had only heard recently, sung by Joe Brown at the George Harrison tribute concert “I’ll see you in my dreams” It wasn’t long before the staff and residents were swaying along!!

I am very pleased to confirm that John Paul is now booked regularly throughout the rest of the year.

A big thank you to John Paul from everyone at Valerie Manor.