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May News Round #2

Famous poetry: Fill in the blank

Tread softly because you tread on my ______

a) toes

b) hopes

c) dreams

Name the British food

This week in history

  • 4th May 1953 – The Duke of Edinburgh is awarded his RAF pilot ‘wings’ during a private ceremony at Buckingham Palace
  • 6th May 1960 – In the first televised royal wedding, Princess Margaret, sister of Queen Elizabeth II marries Anthony Armstrong-Jones at Westminster Abbey

Previous Answers

  • Poetry quiz – b) yellow
  • British Foods – Cornish Pasty

May News Round #1

Famous poetry: Fill in the blank

Two roads diverge in ________ wood.

a) green

b) yellow

c) golden

Name the British food

This week in history

  • 2nd May 1969 – The Cunard Queen Elizabeth II begins its maiden voyage from Southampton
  • 3rd May 1952 – Newcastle United beat Arsenal to become the first team to win the FA cup 2 years running since 1891

Previous Answers

  • Landmark – The Sphinx, Giza, Egypt
  • Spring quiz – b) Stravinsky

NHS Track and Trace

With the recent changes to the Government Guidance relating to authorised visitors being able to self test at home (after being deemed competent and confident) we have contacted all relatives with the details as well as the short instructional video below.

Please contact the office if you have any questions. 01903 812105 or info@valeriemanor.co.uk

April News Round #8

Spring Trivia

What time of animal is a Spring Peeper?

a) Frog

b) Chicken

c) Rabbit

Landmarks – what and where?

This week in history

  • 26th April 1962 – The first British-operated satellite, UK-1, is launched into space from Cape Canaveral, Florida
  • 27th April 1939 – The UK government announces that able-bodied males age 18 to 30 must undertake National Service

Previous Answers

  • Landmark – St Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow, Russia
  • Spring quiz – a) Botticelli