Music for Health

We welcomed a new entertainer to Valerie Manor last week, a gentleman by the name of Simon who provided ‘Music for Health’.

Simon was sensational! – he brought various instruments and props with him and the residents, visitors and staff all joined in. The music was a mixture of old and new.

One section Simon gave the residents a choice of either Abba or Cockney songs – and the residents went for Abba!!

As you can see from the photos it was an amazing sessions and Simon will definitely be coming back!



Valerie Manor Choir


Lynda came to Valerie Manor to try out something new today – a Valerie Manor choir!

She encouraged the residents to sing their hearts out and enjoy the music from a different perspective – joining in rather than listening / watching.

It was a great success as some of the residents really got stuck in!

We will be seeing Lynda again soon for a concert.

Zoe celebrates 12 years at Valerie Manor!

On Sunday 26th January Zoe celebrated her 12th anniversary at Valerie Manor with residents, staff and friends and family at the home with prosecco and canapés! There was a lovely speech made and Zoe was presented with lots of cards, balloons and gifts and some beautiful flowers which everyone is now enjoying. The special cake was made by Alison, one of our chefs and was delicious! Zoe would like to say a huge thank you to not only to the wonderful staff who have made Valerie Manor the Outstanding home that it is but to the local Community for their continued support to us as a small family run home not forgetting Zoe’s Mum and Dad and husband Alan who made Zoe’s dream possible.

Website & Brochure Update


You may recall that we are going to update our marketing material and last week we took photographs of the Valerie Manor, staff, residents and their visitors.

A huge thank you to everyone who was present on the day and also took part in the photos, it was so nice that we now have so many lovely pictures that we can use on our website and our brochures.