2nd COVID Vaccine!

It all started with an email on Friday afternoon from Dr Newsom advising that they would be visiting Valerie Manor on Monday at 10:00am to administer the 2nd vaccine.

In true Valerie Manor style – the planning process sprang into action (Zoe created a spreadsheet!) and everyone was contacted. Staff were brilliant in responding very quickly meaning that by Saturday morning we knew who would be attending.

In the morning Zoe & Alan arrived and set up the ‘outside’ area – clearly marking 2 meters distance in the queue with staff having already been allocation a queue position.

Alan managed the car park and ‘invited’ staff to join the queue as their turn arrived taking their temperatures whilst they were in their cars.

The car park quickly filled and everyone was in high spirits with an almost carnival atmosphere in the air – much like the first time.

Dr Newsom and his team of volunteers set up in the pod and didn’t let the pace drop as they saw staff not on shift first followed by staff on duty. Once the staff had all received their vaccination the team moved into the Conservatory and saw our residents who were equally excited.

Thank you to Dr Newsom from the Glebe Surgery and his special team for our 2nd vaccines We are so happy we are another step to being safer!

Also a HUGE thank you to the wonderful staff who were brilliant as always!

March News Round #7

Name the baby animal – A baby puffin.




Identify the British Tree

This week in history

  • 22nd March 1942 – The BBC begins broadcasting to the French Resistance in Morse code
  • 22nd March 1948 – English musicals composer, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber is born

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  • Baby Animals – Leveret
  • British Tree – Sycamore Tree

March News Round #6

Name the baby animal – A baby hare.




Identify the British Tree

This week in history

  • 19th March 1958 – Britain’s first planetarium is opened by Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh
  • 20th March 1917 – Dame Vera Lynn, the “Forces Sweetheart” is born in East Ham, Essex

Previous Answers

  • Baby Animals – Owlet
  • British Tree – Horse Chestnut Tree