South East Regional Care Awards!

We are absolutely delighted to be finalists this year for the South East Regional Care Awards in the following categories!

The Palliative Care / End of Life Care Award – Alison, Barrett, Deputy Manager Valerie Manor:

Alison is my deputy manager and someone who is the backbone to Valerie Manor. She has been employed since we opened our nursing wing in March 2011 and has transformed our end of life care in which we really pride ourselves. Alison is our clinical lead for the Gold Standards Framework and has led the team to gain a platinum status for our continued improvement to end of life care.

Alison not only supports the residents and their families but the staff as well – here is what two registered nurses have to say about Alison:

“I will never forget the day that Alison (knowing that I had recently lost my own mother) just turned up, on her day off, at the nursing home, to support me when one of our residents had just passed away.

She didn’t have to say anything, she was just quietly, calmly there to support me and I was so grateful.

That’s the kind of nurse/ manager she is.”


From the first day Alison made me feel welcome and supported as a newly qualified nurse. I gained a good working relationship with her which had a massive impact on my learning and confidence within my new role.

Alison’s care and compassion during the end of life care process is something that I personally will never forget. It has helped to create a passion for this type of nursing within myself.

I aspire to have such excellent skills, professional expertise and above all caring personality which are the qualities of an excellent nurse., and I know that being guided by Alison in the early stages of my career has positively impacted on me and the type of nurse that I wish to be.


The Care Trainer Award: Nick and Michele Stubbs:


Nick and Michele are our trainers at Valerie Manor, they not only provide the training they act as consultants for any clinical or health and safety issues which helps to disseminate pertinent information to staff.

I often speak to other homes who ask us how we manage to get all staff to attend mandatory training – the answer is Nick and Michele! They make training informative, interesting, relevant and fun!

Although they work for their own training company they are very much considered to be part of the Valerie Manor Team and have been instrumental in us gaining our outstanding ratings, especially in safe.


“I cannot nominate one without the other as they are a husband and wife team and they complement each other extremely well

I first met them both seven years ago when I started working at Valerie Manor. They have provided the mandatory training plus other courses, Michele is a trained nurse who has turned her hand to all aspects of clinical training. She is an extremely talented teacher who makes her sessions varied and interesting with many of her own stories thrown in to captivate your interest. Her sessions are never boring, and I learn something new every time.

Nick covers the less captivating subjects of Health and Safety and Fire Training however Nick has adapted these to cover the essential points while making them relevant and fun as they are not easy subjects to teach. In doing so makes the information memorable to ensure our staff and residents safety.

They both work very hard and put their all into the sessions which in turn is reflected in the high standards of the home. I feel that they are both deserving of the award as their efforts are amazing and I cannot praise them highly enough! RGN

Fingers crossed for the awards on the 3rd November!


Piano and Clarinet Concert……..

Our lovely Piano concerts are very popular and bring lots of smiles to our residents faces………We have already booked Lynda for all of 2019!!

1/2 – Easy Winners and The Peacherine Rag – S. Joplin

3) The Hills are Alive from Sound of Music – Voice and Digital Piano

4-7) Old Time Musical Song Selection– All to join in!

8) Debussy’s Arabesque No. 1 – Piano Solo

9) Stranger on the Shore – Clarinet Solo

10) On My Own from Les Mis – Clarinet Solo

11) Half of it Dearie Blues (Gershwin) – Clarinet Solo

12) Send in the Clowns (S. Sondheim) – Clarinet Solo

13) Thank you for the Music (ABBA) – Piano Solo

14/15) Music of the Night and Any Dream Will Do (ALW) – Piano/Voice

16) Chopin’s Nocturne in Eb – Piano Solo

17/18) Drunken Sailor/Side by Side -All to join in!

19/20) Forgotten Dreams (Leroy Anderson) and Sonata No.8 slow movement (Beethoven) – Piano Solo

21/22) Daisy Daisy/She’ll be Coming Round the Mountain – All to join in!



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