September Activities Summary…

Brrrr!  I am a little late this month so sorry!  But as I am writing this John has put the HEATING ON !  I cannot believe the quick change in temperature.

Here we go…this is what we were up to on Monday mornings in September;

When I arrive on a Monday morning I am given a lovely coffee to join the lovely ladies and gentlemen already in the Conservatory where we have a chat an put the world to rights!

Slowly we are joined by more Residents ready for our Exercise and Reminiscence Session followed by listening to music that has been requested the week before.

On the first Monday of September it was a lovely day and we had the conservatory doors open with the sun shining in and Reuben and Eddie playing outside (it was an inset day so they accompanied Nanna to Valerie Manor!)

After the Exercising to an Aromatherapy CD we listened to some music from the ‘Wellington Whalers’…….a CD purchased on the Raft Race Day at Shoreham where Zoe, Alan and their friends completed the Race coming third!  A lovely day and some lovely music from the Wellington Whalers who were performing live on the day.

I passed around another CD and asked for requests….Reuben came in at that point and looked at the music and said ‘can we have When the Saint Come Marching In’  I was so impressed by his knowledge of an old tune until he said it was the Anthem of Southampton Football Club!……I should have known better.  Made us all giggle.

Another week we started talking about cars being prompted by my experience in an Electric London Black Cab!…..very quiet….very smooth!  The vehicles that were owned were remembered as, a grey and blue Hillman Minx (my dear dad used to have a green one) an Austen A7, a Honda Civic, Range Rover, a VW Dormobile with sliding doors and one resident had a Lambretta .

We sometimes have a Genera Knowledge Quiz always having someone answering  albeit Residents, Staff or visitors!   Can you name ALL of the 7 Dwarfs?…..they did!

When asking about Henry Vlll’s wives a lovely lady told us how she remembered how many and what happened to them….Divorced/Beheaded/Died/Divorced/Beheaded/Survived!  I learn something new every week!

Keep warm and dry!


The Outstanding Society Conference.

Zoe, myself and Debs.
Zoe has the pleasure of introducing Wendy Mitchell.
The Core Group of the Outstanding Society with Kate Terroni Chief Inspector of the Care Quality Commission (CQC)


As you are most probably aware Zoe has been part of the Core Group of the Outstanding Society since it’s inception in 2016.

This Wednesday Zoe, Debs and myself traveled to London for the Outstanding Society Conference hosted in the Skills for Care offices in Tavistock Square.

The Core Group have continued to work extremely hard to engage with groups and organisations and this was reflected by an extremely impressive agenda of speakers and topics.

Avnish Goyle, Chair of Care England.

Rob Hargreaves, Skills for Care.

Jeremy Hughes, Chief Executive of the Alzheimer’s Society.

Alex Ramamurthy, Innovation in Care

Kate Terroni, CQC Chief Inspector

However the Conference was ‘stolen’ by an inspirational lady called Wendy Mitchell.

Wendy explained how her diagnosis of Young onset dementia has changed her life. Many were moved to tears, as Wendy explained that she was ‘a glass half full person’ and the ‘adjustments’ she has made to continue to live independently by herself with the disease.

Wendy has a blog entitled ‘Which me am I Today‘ and has written a book about her journey called ‘Somebody I used to know‘ (The Times Best Seller) please do take the chance to read both if you can.

It was also very nice to see so many new ‘Outstanding Society members’ attend the conference which was an ideal opportunity for everyone to share best practices and develop collaborations. 


Castle Spotting!

This weeks Jalopy trip took us out on an accidental Castle spotting expedition!

The aim was to see Amberley Castle and regardless of the rain, it looked wonderful. On route back to the home, they also saw Arundel Castle.

Izzy, Lee and a couple of our regular outing participants jumped on board.

A lovely trip out.