Tea Party at Valerie Manor

Our residents have always enjoyed visiting our friends at St Peter’s Church for the monthly afternoon tea party but this month we asked them to join us.

Preeda and Steve provided cakes and refreshments to the full conservatory who were very appreciative.

Thank you to everyone for making the afternoon tea party so lovely.

See you all again next month at the Gladys Beven Hall.



Jalopy Outing!


What a beautiful day for a ride out in the jalopy! Today we headed over to Poynings and on route saw that the hand gliders were taking off from Devils Dyke.

We decided to go up to the top of the Dyke to watch them set off – there were so many, it was quite a sight!

We drove down to Rottingdean and along the seafront, seeing along the way the new ‘upside down house’ along the A259 in Brighton.

A lovely sunshiny day!

Branching Out!

Some time ago the staff asked us to arrange a team building event, which they then decided should be an outdoor activity.

After much research we booked Branching Out and 14 brave souls headed over to Halland for what was a challenging but very enjoyable morning.

We split into two groups and went on the low and high ropes, after being given expert instruction on the safety aspects by Chris and Joe.

Both courses involved different climbing and balancing tasks as well as ‘Zip wires’ and each task lead onto another with a final ‘Zip wire’ to terra firma!

There was a lot of laughing and encouragement during the session and I’m sure everyone would recommend giving it a go if you get the chance.

Chris and Joe were brilliant and managed the more nervous ‘adventurers’ calmly.