Kimberly visited us today from Horsham District Council for Activities…..


Kimberly visited us Monday from Horsham District Council. Steve, our regular host has changed jobs so we welcomed Kimberly along for the first time.

Residents enjoyed a game of boccia and managed to get some great scores. The thing that struck us was the level of support from each other when one of the fellow competitors managed to get a high score, cheers and claps through out the conservatory. What a lovely morning had by all involved!’

Lynda Lyne – Piano, Clarinet and Voice

On Tuesday 12th February, our lovely returning entertainer, Lynda visited us with her piano and clarinet.

Firm favourites could be heard echoing down the corridors with many of our residents singing along tunefully!

Attached is a list of the song choices from the concert, given to us by Lynda before a visit. What a lovely morning.

1/2 – The Entertainer and Ragtime Dance – S. Joplin

3) Stranger on the Shore – Clarinet Solo

4) When I fall in Love – Clarinet Solo

5) Mozart Clarinet Concerto (Slow Mov) – Clarinet Solo

6) Amelie Waltz – Yann Tiersen -Piano Solo

7) Amazing Grace -Voice/Piano

8) Danny Boy – Piano/Voice

9) Scarborough Fair – Piano Solo

10) Wishing you were somehow here again by ALW (Phantom) Piano/Voice

11) Piano Sonata No. 8 (Slow Mov) – Beethoven – Piano Solo

12/13) Don’t Dilly Dally and All the Nice Girls  – All to join in!

14) Theme from Chess (B. Andersson) – Piano Solo

15/16) You made me Love You and When you’re Smiling! Pno/voice

Amy……..Remembering the Musicals…..

Another one of our popular entertainers……….I love to see the care staff enjoying the performances with the residents as well………