Lynda Lyne

Our regular visiting entertainer, Lynda Lyne visited us today with her clarinet and piano. Residents were treated to a variety of genre and enjoyed some popular classics.

Below is the concert programme of which Lynda performed. What a lovely pre-lunch treat!

Concert Programme

1) The Maple Leaf Rag (S. Joplin) – Piano Solo 

2) Beethoven’s Fur Elise  – Piano Solo 

3) I Have a Dream – ABBA – Voice and Piano   

4) Hard Rock Blues (James Rae) – Clarinet Solo

5) Latin Jive (James Rae) – Clarinet Solo

6) Moon River – All to join in – twice through!

7) Streets of London – Ralph McTell – All to join in with the chorus!

8) Debussy’s Clair de Lune – Piano Solo

9) Ballade pour Adeline  – Piano Solo  

10) Tell me on a Sunday (ALW) – Voice and Piano 

11) Teddy Bear’s Picnic – Piano Solo  

12) When I Fall in Love – Clarinet Solo

13) Bring him home from Les Miserables – Clarinet Solo

14) Half of it Dearie Blues (G. Gershwin) – Clarinet Solo

15/16) FINALE = Something Good and Climb every Mountain from The Sound of Music

Head Chef Birthday!

Our wonderful head chef celebrated her birthday on Monday. She pleaded with colleagues not to make a fuss but we had to sing and present her with a cake!

With a love for emoji’s, her fellow chef Alison cooked up a wonder for Preeda.

Excuse the blurry photographs, Preeda is not one for a fuss so the camera couldn’t keep up with her entrance and exit!

Up The Creek!

You may be aware that Zoe, myself, Mike (our Pharmacist) and his wife Sarah signed up for a raft race in aid of Sussex Sailability – a local charity that opens up the world of sailing to the disabled.

Several weeks ago our raft was created and on her initial venture onto the water …. sank!

More buoyancy was added and we arrived at the start line on Saturday full of expectation, hope and excitement!

The canon sounded for the start of the race from Jubilee Green to a mark just before the Norfolk road bridge and back.

It was lovely to see so many familiar faces in the crowds both along the shore and also on the pedestrian bridge – all shouting encouragement.

There were rafts of all shapes and sizes and as we approached the turn we were contesting 2nd place with a raft made on drainage pipes crewed by 8 guys who managed to pull away from us as we finished 3rd!

The Sussex Yacht Club hosted the event and it was there we headed back to for the prize giving.

Plans are already being made for next years race which will be in June.