Our mother has been in VALERIE Manor care home for nearly six years. We have been very fortunate never to have had any worries about the care she has received since she has been there. The staff always go the extra mile to ensure everything possible can be done to make the residents comfortable and all their needs are catered for. The individual needs of each resident are considered according to their physical and mental capacity. Residents are treated with dignity and love and always a great sense of humour. The staff are warm and friendly and it is clear that they enjoy their roles, VALERIE manor is always full of laughter and fun. As you enter the home there is a feeling of loving care and nothing is too much trouble for the staff. The families of the residents are always given a warm welcome with a copious supply of tea and biscuits. Families can stay for meals if they wish and are entertained on special occasions with wonderful spreads of food. The residents are always offered a choice of food and it is beautifully prepared and served. The owners, Zoe and Alan, are always accessible to the relatives, should the need arise and always strive to do the very best they can to ensure the home is running smoothly. They have been working incredibly hard during the Covid lockdown to ensure the safe and smooth running of the home and also looking after their staff to ensure they have everything they need. They are very conscientious and there is a great deal of forward planning to ease every eventuality. The families are kept up to date on a regular basis and invited to make suggestions towards the care and welfare of the residents. The managers are always accessible to the families and have a hands on approach within the home. They carry out their roles in a professional manner and have an excellent knowledge of the residents in their care. They are both caring and conscientious in their approach but also have a good sense of humour and fun. Relatives are contacted immediately if there are any problems with their relative and always kept up to date. Until the lockdown, there were no restrictions on visiting times. It is a pleasure to visit VALERIE Manor and there is an atmosphere of love, caring and fun. We have been incredibly fortunate to have had our mother cared for in such a wonderful place. The staff have been like a family to us and we miss them all during this strange lockdown. All the staff at VALERIE manor contribute to making it a very special place. May 2020