Family member

Our dear Aunt has always said how very happy she is, in general, with the care and attention she receives at Valerie Manor. Of course, on rare occasions, as with any such Home, there may be a problem arise, here or there, but at Valerie Manor, these are always dealt with and remedied immediately, which is very satisfying. Personally, we consider Valerie Manor to be an outstanding Nursing Home (we have experienced many) and it has such delightful, friendly, helpful, professional Owners and Staff (all Staff), who go out of their way to make both Residents and their Families/Friends welcome, and it always has such a cheerful atmosphere. It has a real “Family” feel to it. We have experienced the opposite end of the scale with other Homes where we have friends living, and that makes us so sad. We always hold up Valerie Manor as being the very best, when speaking of Care Homes with all our relatives & friends. All our side of the family hold the same opinion as we do about Valerie Manor. Most of us visit our Aunt regularly throughout each year (we come at least once a month) and everyone remarks on the lovely warm, friendly welcome received, the happy, pleasant atmosphere, excellent level and high standards of Care - General, Nursing, Hygiene, etc., - plus all the wonderful variety of activities in which Residents and their families and friends are able to participate. It’s so nice to be able to come and share a delicious Lunch with our Aunt, if she’s not feeling up to going out on the days when we visit her - either in the Dining Room or in the garden - and to join in some of the many Christmas, Easter and Summer Festivities on offer. Our Aunt’s bedroom is light and airy in summer, cosy and warm in winter, - she loves it’s position and outlook - and the communal rooms, and gardens are lovely, too. Our Aunt so enjoys spending time in the gardens in summer or on a crisp, clear autumn day. She's a great “ fresh air” fan! In fact, every possible aspect of the Home, from A - Z , is excellent! Keep up the marvellous work!.