Maireadh (volunteer)

During my time at Valerie Manor I have become totally impressed by the standard of care given to each and everyone of the residents. Zoe Bates; the proprietor of Valerie Manor; is one of the most driven women I have had the pleasure to know. Her definition of what 'care' is, is reflected in the staff that work around her and the faces of the residents. I have witnessed time and time again that the only focus for Zoe and her staff is, the happiness and well being of the residents. Over my time at Valerie Manor I have seen, first hand, that the staff are truly good people with a shared focus of delivering the best care possible to people that deserve to have peace and comfort. The staff clearly know the residents very well and I often witness their ability to adapt to the diverse needs, likes and dislikes that a group of people can demand. Zoe and her staff clearly share and believe in the same vision with regard to what Valerie Manor wishes to offer its residents. I am so impressed by the lovely environment that their residents live in and I am proud to have my name attached to such an outstanding Home.