The Reverend John Challis

Clergy often visit homes and over my many years of clerical service I have had the privilege to be able to visit many, many similar homes but not all if any have ever been as special as Valerie Manor. There is a need in our community for such places as this one. The staff here show that they care deeply about those who live here, the staff and I mean all the staff over the years that I have been visiting Valerie Manor have shown such great dedication, professionalism and love for those who live here and perhaps one might expect it from the senior management but actually I see it is all staff no matter what rank or position they hold. When someone comes here the changes in their lives are huge and it is easy for those on the outside to not really appreciate and engage with what new residents of Valerie Manor must be feeling. However, this place is such a happy community, a community that doesn’t survive but thrives; those who live here don’t just appear to be happy. I think they are happy. And that is a credit to Zoë and her team.