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Industry-endorsed quality care


Enabling a gold standard of care for all people nearing the end of life

In 2012 Valerie Manor commenced the Care Home Training Programme for the Gold Standards Framework (GSF) to assist us to improve our standards and provide a high standard of care for people nearing the end of their life.


When we attended the launch meeting in February 2012 we were pleased that a lot of the initiatives were already being used at Valerie Manor but were also inspired by the fact there was so much that we could do to improve what we were already doing to enable us to provide a ‘Gold Standard’ here at the Manor for our residents and their families.

The GSFCH training programme is a three stage quality assurance programme that enables care homes to provide quality care for all residents nearing the end of life. By implementing improved coordination and better organisation GSF helps care homes deliver better patient outcomes in line with their needs and preferences.

In September 2014 Valerie Manor was accredited a commend award for the high quality of care provided for people in the final years of their life.


We are proud to have an exceptional team of carers and nursing staff at Valerie Manor, dedicated and passionate in what they do. This is reflected in our awards list below:

  • Care Home Awards (CHA) Best National Individual Care Home
  • Care Home Awards (CHA) High Commendation – Best for Communications
  • South East Regional Awards – Winner! Palliative Care / End of Life Award
  • Best Nursing Care 2018 – Winner
  • The Palliative Care / End of Life Care Award – Alison, Barrett, Deputy Manager Valerie Manor – runner up
  • The Care Trainer Award: Nick and Michele Stubbs – runner up
  • Care Home Awards 2017 – Gold Winner.
  • 18th National Care Awards 2016 – Winner of Care Home of the Year.
  • Great British Care Awards 2015 – National Finals The Care Team Award Valerie Manor Care Team – Winner







CQC inspected and rated outstanding